That’s it - we’ll soon have your Gold Star listing in place - giving you a much stronger presence on the site and helping you to increase business.

The annual charge for a Gold Star listing is £30 in the area you are based...less than 60p a week! You can also add your listing to other areas on CheshireTaxis for an additional annual charge of £10 per area.
For example, you may be based in Northwich, but consider it also worth having your listing on the area pages for the other main Mid-Cheshire towns of Winsford and Middlewich.

There’s also the option to upgrade a listing in one of our site categories (e.g. Airport Services, Chauffeurs, Minibus Services, Corporate Services etc). The charge is £20 a year and £7.50 per additional category.
And, of course, you can opt for both upgrade choices if required - ‘area’ listings and ‘category’ listings.

If you’ve any questions you want to ask before upgrading, or any problems with the upgrade process itself, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can -  please send your message to:

>> Positioning of GOLD STAR listings on this site is at the discretion of the site’s webmaster and priority of placement will generally relate directly to the time at which upgrades were submitted.

Cheshire Taxis

Upgrading to our GOLD STAR listing is as easy as A-B-C


Example HERE of information required

Ready to upgrade? Let’s get started.

You provide the details about your company to be included in your profile page in our simple form - and submit it.

Select your method of payment - you can pay by credit/debit card, PayPal, or cheque - then complete your payment transaction.

We design your GOLD STAR listing to your specifications and place it on the site as quickly as possible.


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Thank you for upgrading to a GOLD STAR listing on - we value your association with the site and look forward to developing a successful partnership with you in the future.


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NOTE: You can use your TAB key to move to the next area on the form.

IMPORTANT: Please provide an email address and contact name in case there are any queries regarding your company details below or billing. We can assure you the address will be kept absolutely confidential and will not be given to any third party. These details are NOT for inclusion in your GOLD STAR listing.
Paying by cheque? Please click the box to the left and make your cheque payable to GRAHAM MEDIA and send to: Graham Media, 52 Church Road, Saughall, Cheshire, CH1 6EP

Select your AREA for your GOLD STAR

EMAIL ADDRESS (optional)

Please type in additional areas for your GOLD STAR listing - if required

(£10 each for a year)

YOUR WEBSITE (if applicable)
YOUR FULL ADDRESS (including postcode)
TELEPHONE NUMBER (including area code)
A maximum of 100 words giving details about your company, the service you provide and highlighting any special facilities or arrangements. SEE EXAMPLE
If you want to ask a question when sending the completed form to us, please type it in the box below. Alternatively you can send questions at a later time to
BULLET POINTS - Please provide some concise points about your operation. For example:
> Business contracts welcome > Airport service > Competitive fares > Family-run business > Wheelchair facilities
> Minibuses available

Type in area name to confirm

If you selected OTHER please tell us the name of the area your require so we can add a new ‘area’ page to CheshireTaxis

Please confirm the number of additional areas required here -

listing from the menu

(£30 for a year)



If you want to upgrade in one of our specific site CATEGORIES (Airport Services, Limousines etc) please tell us your requirements here.

Select your CATEGORY for your GOLD STAR

listing from
the menu

(£20 for a year)

Type in category name to confirm

Please type in additional categories for your GOLD STAR listing - if required(£7.50 each for a year)

Please confirm the number of additional CATEGORIES required

Submit your business logo for inclusion in your GOLD STAR listing (optional). JPG or GIF images only. Maximum file size 200k.

If you do not wish to include website or email details, please provide a company slogan of a maximum of  20 words. For example: Looking for a truly professional operator and great service - you’ve just found one!

Main area: £30 a year         Additional areas: £10 each

Main category: £20 a year    Additional categories: £7.50 each

Now check the information you have provided and remember the order details you will need for the form below if paying by credit/debit card.  Then click the SEND button. You will receive confirmation your information has been sent, before being returned to this page to arrange payment by credit/debit card, or PayPal.

Cheshire Taxis AREA Listing Upgrade



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Cheshire Taxis CATEGORY upgrade



Cheshire Taxis Additional CATEGORIES



Remember, payment is through the secure PayPal system but you do NOT need a PayPal account to pay by credit or debit card. If you wish to pay by instant bank transfer you will need to log into a PayPal account or set up a PayPal account and add your bank details to it.

Your upgrade details have now been sent to us. If you have chosen to pay by credit/debit card, please select the relevant Add to Basket boxes below to complete the upgrade process.

If you have any problems along the way, don’t worry - email us at this address and we’ll get back to you quickly to sort matters out to your complete satisfaction.

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